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Removing Running Board


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March 28, 2010
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05 XLT

I recently bought a used 2005 XLT Sport Trac and the guy who owned it before me made a serious mess on the running board. So I am trying to remove my running boards but I ran into 1 complication. It seems like the screws attaching the running board to the ST is using some sort of clip that clips to the thin sheet of metal so the screw can be screwed in. Anyhow, I was trying to remove the screw until I noticed that simply unscrewing the screw also spins the clip which results to damaging the thin sheet of metal the clip is holding.

Any solutions for somebody that has removed theirs?

Thank You!

Soak the bolts in penetrant several times over a week or so. Hold the "nut" clips with vise-grips. If the nuts spin half of it must be rusted away. These are the OEM fasteners.


I have the same problem. My stock running boards were getting rusted and ugly so I bought some replacement ones on Ebay. When I took the original ones off, I found that the metal where most of these J-clip bolts are is very rusted and not doing much.

Unfortunately, the new running boards I bought only have two brackets on each side and they are supposed to use the original lower holes on the front and back (nothing in the middle).

Does anyone have a suggestion for how to handle this? I think I can bolt them on using the original holes but I doubt they will be very strong.