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removing upper intake to access the camshaft position synchro


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August 23, 2011
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Grand Rapids, MI
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1995 XLT. Stock.
I need to replace the synchro at the back of my 1995 4.0 engine. This issue is well documented here I know BUT........I cannot get to the camshaft synchro because of its location.

I want to remove upper intake.

I cannot find a thread that covers the removal of the intake. I found video on YT covering the 96 upper intake removal with the fella ultimately removing his EGR to fix a leak..and it looks almost identical.

Is EGR disconnect neccesary for upper intake removal ?

Will I have to replace a gasket or anything when I replace the upper intake ?

here is a link to that video.

Thank you

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yes you will need new upper plenum O rings (aka intake manifold gasket) and a new EGR O ring

I twist the upper plenum off of the EGR tube
Basically unhook the computer wiring and ground connection this will give you enough room to pull the upper intake up and over the fuel rail studs and able to twist the intake off of the EGR hose.

10-4 410Fortune !

thank you very much. it just started snowing here in Michigan ( so I have to get this done soon) but you live in northern Idaho so I will shut up now.

take care,


we actually have 40's and 50's last month or so and rain in the forecast??? I am from 9000' in Colorado so this is awfully strange to me to get rain in November!!

Hello Fortune any idea what size bolt I need to get off of the hold down tab ? I got a set of crowfoot wrenches....

responded in other thread 10mm or 13mm
I use a regular socket with a wobbly extension

1995 camshaft synchronizer installation instructions (cam sensor)