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I have a 1996 black 4 door XLT 5.0 and the paint has some minor nicks and scratches as well as a few extremely minor dents. I want to get my vehicle repainted the same color and have the dents fixed but I am unsure of how much this would cost? I want to have a professional repaint job done with the same color as stock not some cheap job. I kinda wanted to have it repainted Black Metallic color to make it sparkle or whatever and I think it would look awesome with the metallic black but its not a necessity just a want. What do you guys think it would cost and what do you recommend?

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plan to spend $1-2k to have it done right. if you stick with stock color, it will be cheaper/easier since they wont have to mess with the door jambs. stay away from ANYPLACE that advertises "paint job for $395". ask around your area, and see who the most people recommend.

James T knows where to shop. The body shop I work for all over paint for a SUV STARTS at $3,500.00 !!!!!!!

Oh yeah , I might add , he is right about keeping the same color is a big help , also , remove the bumpers , lock cylenders , trim , mouldings bumpers , glass. The more you remove for them the less they will charge you , plus the paint job will turn out much nicer with EVERY THING removed.

yea, i have to admit, paint/bodywork in my area IS cheap. $3500 will get you a D@MN good job here... i guess its because for such a small town (under 100k) we have more bodyshops than anything else. competition cuts price. to give you an idea, a friend had a S10 blazer with a small block, and had shop lay down just about the most beautiful black i have ever seen (for non-show finish, anyway). he spent $2500, and did no labor. also, it was red and they shot door jambs, underhood, everything. no orange peel, no common problems with low-cost paint job. so yea, maybe i'm not the best one to suggest on this one...

I am sure area has a LOT to do with it. We charge so much cause most of our work comes from collision repair and there is a LOT more money to be made there. All over paint jobs really bottle neck things.

The other advice I can give is really obvious. Look at the sort of cars on the lot. If they are fixing a lot of cheap ugly cars they might not be the best. Look for pretty nice cars , and ( duh ) look at their finished cars too. Look at the employes cars as well. If they show their OWN cars tlc , they likely will give your car tlc.