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Repairing/replacing main wire harness.


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November 3, 2012
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1996 Explorer
Let me start with I am not a mechanic this is my fathers 96 Explorer.
He's the car guy and I'm a electronic and pc tech. for gas stations. So I'm here to help him with a couple of burned wires behind the dash.

What I have walked in on is he has dash broke down and has found 3 visable wires that the insulation looks to have burned and looks like to me coming from the fuse panel up behind dash comp. They are bad right behind the radio heading towards passenger area. My problem is iI cant trace them from point A to B. Is there a wire diagram that color codes these so I verify what they control. Then I can ohm the rest and possibly run/ splice the bad wires.
I know he doesn't want to remove the complete wire harness just repair the bads. Like I said I'm no mechanic so any solution/expertise will not go overlooked here. Hope someone understands what I'm Talking about and has a fix.;)