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Replace Camshaft Position Sensor - HELP!


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February 4, 2008
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Franklin, NJ
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'94 Sport
Looks like I need to replace the CMP on my 1994 Ford Explorer 2 door 4WD (4.0L). I've been getting an intermitten 214 error code, but that recently became steady, though the engine was running ok. Of course, the weekend I went away skiing, my wife broke down. Took it to my local mechanic and come to find the CMP is the culprit (or so he says). I figured as much. He wants $605 for the part, and $105 to install it. Ah, I don't think so - I'll do it myself.

I found the part for $350.00 at a local NAPA. I'll get it and install it tomorrow.
I have the Ford service manual set for the truck, but I'm hoping for some "Real" R&R help from you all.

I believe the CMP is located near the rear of the engine, on top. Right?
How to remove and replace it *WITHOUT* the use of a SST to sync the sensor?
I've read that it's possible, but no one has posted a good procedure that I can find. I did find some help for 1998 and such 5.0L engines, but I'm worried the procedure is not the same.

If you can help, please help. I'm really hurting without my truck, and I can't afford to pay someone to fix this.