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Replace fuel filter with aftermarket


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March 13, 2012
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The beautiful Yadkin Valley in the Great State of North Carolina
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2012 Jeep GCO
I was the first owner of this 2004 4.0L V6 AWD, and gave it to my son when he turned 16. He's still driving it, and it has served us both well. We both do our own service, and have replaced the fuel filter every 30k miles meaning that this last time is the 5th filter.

The discharge side of the filter will no longer allow itself to be disconnected. We have purchased several different brand tools and modified one that works well on his sisters 2005 Mustang (same engine, same filter). However the X has proved to be the difficult child.

My idea is to cut the fuel lines and install new fittings with an aftermarket high pressure fuel filter. I have a nice set up using Russell AN fittings on my classic car that I modified to EFI and there is plenty of room under the X to do this. I've read a little on fuel line repair kits for these vehicles and see that there is a problem with over-the-counter kits and the barbed fittings being too small. One guy used brass fittings from the hardware store and was successful but doesn't say what size.

Has anyone done this and knows what size barbs should be used?