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Replace Ranger cab


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June 4, 2011
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Charlottesville, Virginia
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2003 Ranger XLT
Hi everyone,
I had a tree fall on my Ranger during a storm and crushed the cab. I don't want to replace the whole cab but would like to try to just cut off the top and back and replace it. Does anyone know where I can find replacement body panels or do I have to purchase a whole cab and cut it up?

I had that same exact thing done after I rolled my Ranger! The repair shop cut off the cab from the A-pillars to right behind the seat mounts, and grafted on a replacement section from a junkyard cab. Worked great IMO, and gotta be way easier and cheaper than doing the whole cab.

Moving your thread to the Ranger section.

Thanks Ranger X !
Looks like I'll be heading for the junk yard and the body shop on my next day off.