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replace rear main seal (on 4.0l) while A4LD is out?


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March 30, 2006
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'91 & '93 EB, 4WD, 4-door
Long time, no post. I've been racing almost every weekend since mid-May so the A4LD swap and external upgrade (see: for list of external 'upgrade' parts) has been very slow.

I finally removed the bad transmission from my good X (the 1991 EB that I want to keep). As that A4LD had not been out before, it was WAY harder than pulling the good A4LD from the 1993 EB. Probably due to the fact that I choose to leave the y-pipe in place. Kind of a tight fit on the 1991; quite easy on the 1993.

I have noticed engine oil (brown, not purple) dripping from the front of the bellhousing and from the bottom of the engine oil pan (same color in both places) and I am going to check the intake manifold gaskets tomorrow evening (common leak point that drips in the same places as a bad rear main seal would; see: However, as the transmission is now off this seems like a VERY good opportunity to replace the engine rear main seal. I've read that there is an updated rear seal from Ford but that to install the updated part, a Ford special tool is required.

Has anyone installed the updated seal and sleeve while they had the A4LD out? Anyone know what the tool description is, if I can get it on-line and if not, what the Ford part no. and cost is?

How do I hold the engine in place to remove the flywheel bolts? Large 1/2" drive breaker bar on the front crank bolt? Will that turn the correct way?

Anything else I should look at while the A4LD is out?

I didn't see you post in a while, and was wondering if you were coming back. I have to replace my rear main seal on my 93. TransmissionPartsUSA once told me that they sell these seals, but didn't mention anything about an updated seal. That thread you saw this in was a few years old, so maybe they only make them one way now? I'm not aware of any special tools for this. I would think that all you would need would be a seal installer kit, or large diameter deep sockets. As far as holding the flywheel in place, if you use an impact driver to loosen the bolts, and not a breaker bar, you wouldn't have a problem holding the flywheel in place.