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Replace rear timing cassette only


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March 16, 2013
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Woodstock, GA
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04 Ford Explorer 4.6l
I’m wanting to replace just the rear cassette while the 4.0 is out. The front looks fine and of course can be done later with the engine in the vehicle.

When I dropped the pan, there were two plastic pieces in it. This surprised me as the engine ran great with no chain rattle. All chains are tight, no movement with any guides. I did find a plastic piece near the rear guide.

The rear guide has fallen down, so I’m thinking the broken pieces are from the rear.

A1F3A12C-0D9C-45FC-AAD5-B7441A2041E2.jpeg B736F520-DCA7-411F-AD46-20938802D2F3.jpeg F21A6BBE-C97A-4565-90F3-1934470EA492.jpeg EFDA7B71-D596-45D3-BCA7-4E4C51953C23.jpeg 8CC6D274-C3BC-4299-9CBC-2204448DF944.jpeg

Yes, those pieces must be from the rear, as you say. Good luck on this project!