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replaced cruise control now cruise sounds the horn


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January 11, 2001
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miami, fl
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1998 Ford Explorer sport
ok i replaced my cruise control switches i bought from ebay and went for a test drive. Problems found :

-The "speed cont" light flashes every few seconds without even turning it on
-The light doesn't work on the right side (not sure if it went out since not new switches)
-when i press the cruise button it sounds the horn
-cruise control itself doesn't engage

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they were pulled from a 95 explorer i did tear the rubber around the first wire on the right switch's plug but it doesn't touch anything and closes up nicely so you dont see any copper. If that does affect anything is there any where i can get the right switch's/ connecting wires or is ebay the best bet?

I am having a similar issue with the horn sounding when I hit the cruise ON button, but I didnt change anything. I took the horn pad off like a month ago because I thought at first it was necessary to remove the steering wheel to change the multifunction switch, but soon found that was wrong. I put everything back exactly as it was but now this happens., sorry for the thread jack but I didnt want to start a new thread for a similar issue, Jon

One question... why did you replace the switch in the first place?

Is your original switch around. You can compare the different pin output to switch operations and see where things are different. The circuit that I see on my 96 drawings at first didn't make sense but I now see that when you hit "on", there should be some continuity between pin 2 and pin 4 but not a short. If it is short, then it is possible that the switch is a problem or the 1k resistor is shorted that should be between the horn (pin 2) and the cruise set (pin 4).... sorry for the original post.

budwich, i replaced them because the cover was cracked and coming off and the cruise control worked fine until i replaced, the pins are the same as the ones i replaced

thanks... then great Derek.... you can probably get your answer "quickly". As suggested compare meter readings between the pins of the two switches.... that's what I meant by "compare"... not looking to see if the pins "look the same".... yikes...:). The meter test should give you your answer.

makes sense now i skimmed over "output" in your first post