replaced egr valve now coolant leaking everywhere also oil. | Ford Explorer - Ford Ranger Forums - Serious Explorations

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replaced egr valve now coolant leaking everywhere also oil.

February 20, 2010
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Michigan City IN
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1994 exploerexlt
Well everything was fine till today. I replaced my egr valve today. and took her for a ride. when i got home and opened the hood there was a pool of antifreeze on the intake manifold. antifreeze running off the front and back of the motor. also looks like oil running off the back of the block down the oil pan. would the egr valve cause all this? and how hard is it to do the intake gaskets yourself? I just put a thousand dollars in her last week. so i want to do this myself. any help would be appreciated. Plus previously done was
1 new water pump
2 new timing chain
3 new radiator
4 new hoses

thanks for your help