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Replaced Frame Shackle Bushings (pics)

Newfy Trac

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August 24, 2011
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Last year I replaced the springs and bushings, when I removed the upper shackle bolt it was rusted to the bushing. As I pounded it out, it tore the rubber bushing that weren't in real good condition to begin with. I didn't have any bushings or know what to do to replace. After some research I decided to try to use the urethane frame bushings. Both Energy Suspension and Prothane have them listed for 92-98 Explorer but nothing for ST. I was able to get the measurements for the bushing and read the energy suspension install article. It said you must burn them out. I ordered the Prothane 6-810 for the whopping sum of $12.95 with free shipping from Amazon.

The only difference I ran into is the OD of the metal sleeve was .830 the ID of the prothane bushings is .750. So I took the bushings to work and turned them down to .750. Here are some pics from the install. I have about 4 hours into both sides.

Shackle removed sleeve inside of stock bushing.


Prothane Bushing with stock ST sleeve before turning down to .750.


.830 ST Sleeve before turning down.


Sleeve inside of Prothane Bushing after turning down.


Stock ST bushing with metal sleeve removed. Bushing looking very rough.


Used a blue tank handheld torch. Packed a wet towel inside frame rail. Drivers side has rear light wiring, be careful. Fire extinguisher and water hose were placed at the rear of the truck.


Inside frame rail. Letting the stock rubber bushings burn longer made the passenger side easier.


I then used an air grinder with a tootsie roll sand paper to clean up left over rubber. Stock metal shells need to be very clean to get
urethane bushings to fit.


inside frame rail view after cleaning with tootsie roll.


New bushing installed with lots of urethane grease and a BFH had to take a couple of breaks doing this, very tight.



With shackle installed.



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Nice work with some excellent info. I'm sure many will find your thread and the pics very useful. :thumbsup:

Could swear there was a source for 3/4" shackle sleeves for those that don't want to machine them.

Nice, next time I replace mine I'll have to get e set of those. I used a set of frame shackle bushings that I got from Sporty97 (Vince), they were for his '97 Explorer Sport. They were the complete bushing, sleeve and outer sleeve that goes into the frame. There's pictures and part numbers in my thread from when I got rear ended and had to replace the leafsprings, bushings and shackles.

Here's the link to my thread form when I got rearended back in 2012 and had to replace them. It has a lot of pictures and the parts numbers. The pictures and parts numbers start on page two of the thread.

Now which ploy bushings for the springs?

this is the correct part number for the ST rear leaf spring shackle bushing 1L5Z5A546AA. :D

Was looking for poly bushings, not Ford replacements.

Both really.

If leafs are same as ranger look at this part number 4-2154G