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Replaced front hub yesterday


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March 4, 2015
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Rochester, NY
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2004 Sport Trac
Not too bad of a job!

My ST blew a hub yesterday on my way home- about 45 minutes away. I had very little warning; I didn't have a groan, or howl, or unusual brakes or feel. It just went, all of a sudden. Got a tow back to my shop and got it done.

Despite living in western NY, I think my truck was a southern vehicle at some point... it's pretty rust free for vehicles around here.

Replaced with the Moog unit from Advance. New axle nut, blue lock-tite on the bolts. I didn't have a torque wrench that could go high enough for the 200 ft-lbs for the axle nut, so it got german torqued. (gutentight)