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Replaced my valve stem seals.. 4.0 0hv


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June 21, 2013
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Western Ma.
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97 Sport 4wd 4.0 ohv 5spd
I'm posting this for those who may have the same problem and want to fix it.

My ride in the sig. was burning some oil, slowly more and more, about a quart every 3000 miles or so. I only noticed a puff of blue on start up sometimes and figured (was hoping) the valve stem seals were going bad. (Also was getting more and more pinging under load).
Two months ago I decided I'd change them out, Now two months later, about a 1000 miles and a couple cans of gumout, the dip stick still reads full and the pinging is almost totally gone.
Also the engine runs so much better.Took me two days to do the job.

I'm posting some picks of the engine and tools if any one considers doing this job.
Tools needed, compressor and the plug hole adapter not pictured, spring compressor,and I bought a cheap (valve stem seal puller and installer) but not really needed, pliers and a socket will work.




(Notice how worn the old seal to the left is) ^^^^
(And the seals on the right)





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Those new seals sure look nice, Pete! ;-)

The old ones were toasted -

If I worked at this all day do you think I could do it?
It's my only vehicle and I usually only have one day to work lol

From what @poker4me007 wrote, the entire job took him two days to to do from start to finish.

I have to add that I am impressed with his pics - his engine and engine compartment look clean and orderly enough to eat off of - LOL! :thumbsup:

If I worked at this all day do you think I could do it?
It's my only vehicle and I usually only have one day to work lol

Possibly, if you worked on it non stop and don't run into any problems.(I took my time didn't want to have to do it over again).Good Luck! Definitely worth doing if your's are worn out.
It's been just over a year now since I replaced them, and the engine runs Great, and no noticeable oil consumption.