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Replaced shattered rear slider window....


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January 8, 2015
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2003 ST XLS
2004 ST XLT
It is possible to replace the rear slider window without removing the entire rear window assembly.

Note: If the sight of cutting/grinding a Sport Trac scares you.....this is not a thread you want to read.

Anyways, here's how I replaced the shattered rear slider......

First, fold the rear seats down and remove the 6 screws which secure the two "floor panels". These floor panels that I'm speaking of are the two pieces which rotate downward when the rear seat is folded down. These panels are attached to a long piano hinge. Remove the six screws and the hinge & panels come off as a single unit.

Next, remove the storage compartment lids and remove the six plastic screw clips which secure the rear interior panel to the back of the cab.....there are also three "push pins" which will need to be removed from the rear panel after the six plastic screws are removed.

With the rear interior plastic trim panel removed, you will have to pop out two push pins which secure the interior padding to the back of the cab......I should have marked up the location of these push pins, but I'm too lazy to do that.....but if you zoom on the pic, you will see two circular disc's, these are the attachment pins/tabs....whatever you call them.

Fold that grey pad forward to expose the metal panel which covers the rear slider window regulator.

Remove the seven 8mm bolts and one 11mm nut which secures that metal panel to the cab. You can now remove that metal panel after the fasteners have been removed.

This is what you'll see after you've removed that metal panel.

Note: Turn the ignition to the RUN position and move the window regulator to the DOWN position and leave it there. Also, see the plastic wrap at the bottom left of the pic......remove it. It's covering the window motor.

Here's a pic with the plastic wrap removed from the window motor.

Remove the three bolts which secure the window motor to the cab and remove the two remaining bolts which secure the window regulator to the cab and once you've done this you can slide the window regulator and window motor to the driver side of the cab and pull both those items out through the large rectangular factory hole in the back of the cab...... Slide them over as far as you can to pull the motor out first and then move regulator afterwards.

Remove the interior window seal to give you room to slip the new glass into the spot where it needs to go.....

Cut an access hole near the window channel and then keep making it bigger until you can fit whatever cutting tool you have inside the truck cavity......

In that above pic, I paint marked the section of window channel I wanted to eliminate. With that section eliminated, it allowed me to install the window into the frame channels and push the glass upwards. I taped the glass to hold it up while I completed the install of regulator & motor. In the below pic, you can see how much of the window channel I cut away. I initially thought I only needed to cut one inch out of the window channel but it turned out I had to cut close to 5 inches out of it. No worries though because when the window regulator is installed it doesn't allow the glass to drop below that 5 inch mark and the glass remains trapped in the rails.


A successful repair......the dealership wanted $2,300 for the window assembly + $600 for installation services and $250 for materials......I did it myself for $14