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Replaced Sway Bar End Links, Now What?


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September 24, 2002
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'09 Sport Trac, '21 Explo
Just replaced the sway bar end links and sway bar frame bushings. I am still getting a "creak" sound over speed bumps. What next? Truck rides and handles markedly better after replacing the links and bushings. Creak sound is on the passenger side. Much worse on colder weather. Truck is a 1997 4X4 with 122k mikes.

All ideas appreciated.

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Check the ball joints. Since you have 122k miles, chances are it may be the ball joints especially if they are still original.

Thanks. Lower ball joints have been replaced. Shocks as well. I also had a "clunk" in the front end, which has gone away with the end link replacement. Now just left with the "creak" sound.

just go down the list of bushings -- engine mounts -- radius/control arm bushings -- rear sway bar -- just start lookin around for parts that look worn or corroded.

Are your new bushings poly?

I do not know what type of bushings are with the new links. Should any new bushings, regardless of type, make noise?

The shop that does my work says upper ball joints check fine, and nothing else looks overly worn.

Odd thing is, the creak is not over every bump. I heard it the first couple of speed bumps I hit yesterday, early in the drive, then did not hear it on the next ones. But, did hear it a little later on another speed bump during the same drive. Sound eminates from the passenger side for sure.

I hate intermitent sounds.

Thanks for ideas so far.

GT -

I had the same thing on my '91 with 205k, plus a very uncomfortable ride over ANY bump (even a small crack). In the last week I've replaced everything on the front and rear sway bars, the RA bushings, the shocks and the front springs. Next is the rear leaf springs and shackle bushings. She's starting to ride like a new Explorer again! If you have the time, go all the way (just my opinion).

I do not know what type of bushings are with the new links. Should any new bushings, regardless of type, make noise?

Poly bushings, even new ones, can make sounds.

The sway bar end link kit used on my truck is a Moog K7275. I think it has rubber bushings.

Well at least it's riding better. Now just keep going and find that darn creak. lol

you could just shoot the new poly bushings with some lube, i've heard the make noise as well. if the noise goes away you'll just have to remember to squirt here and there once in a while

I was incorrect on my new bushings. They are poly. They still are making the sound periodically. This morning, as a matter of fact, I ran over some speed bumps. First set I went over the front was totally quiet. Next bumps I hit I heard the creaking sound again. Whatever the sound is, it is related to compression of he front end. Ambient temp was around 50.