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Replacement center console. L


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June 26, 2020
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Inverness Florida
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02 explorer sport Trac
Now I know there's a bunch of forum posts out there on this site about replacing a center console on my particular truck. I just want to say first off that I recently got the truck and it had an aftermarket console in it that didn't fit it whatsoever and was broken in three different places. It looked like they had tried to screw it into the frame which luckily they never actually made it through the rubber. After stripping that out I looked on this forum and found out what was available as a convenient to swap with compatible models and I found one in a scrap yard. Unfortunately they wouldn't let me pull it but that's really not that big of a deal because it was cheap. It was also a dirty but a good hour's worth of cleaning got almost everything out of it. The install for the base plate went fantastic. The only issue I had was I had to have help going underneath and putting some bolts into a threaded hole through the undercarriage which for some odd reason wasn't already filled in with anyting. There was however two pre-existing bolts towards the forward section of the support frame for the center console. Now here's the important part, I did a test fit everything worked great but the front end is loose because of how much space and distance it is from where the rear actually holds it in place. Looking underneath it there is a section that has two parallel lines cut out of the steel and a single hole that looks like a screw or something should fit in it but it's not threaded. This lines up perfectly with the hole in the front of the console but I have no idea what to put there because I don't want to create threading by forcing a screw through there or messing something up along the line. Am I missing something or was there nothing there in the first place? The console also has two holes off to the side of that Center won that match perfectly with those vertical ones. I'm definitely feeling like I'm missing something here.


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