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Replacement Fog Lamp Bulbs for '06 Explorer

Hate to bother anybody with this request, but it's confusing the hell out of me, and I'm sure more than a few folks on this forum will have a quick, easy answer.

Never owned fog lamps on any vehicle before, and had the pleasure of using the stock ones on our recently acquired '06 Explorer. They were just the ticket in a recent blinding snow storm. But, I'm wondering if I could get a replacement bulb that can see farther down the road? If they are brighter, would that defeat the purpose? Would it be just as blinding as the normal headlights? Would a yellow color counteract that?

I'm pretty sure the bulbs installed now are OEM. They use an H10 socket and are halogen. From my research, I've read these bulbs only have a life of about 250 hours. If that's true, I'd be willing to spend more for longer life bulbs. If that means buying some kind of xenon kit, I'm game. I don't give a damn about the aesthetics, I just want functional fog lights using the factory lens. If that means yellow is the best temperature, fine. If the factory units I'm using are already the best solution, well, that's disappointing, but I can live with it. I can tackle a xenon kit if that's the best direction. If there are $8.00 halogens that can get the job done just as well, that's also worth considering to me.

TIA, John

Edit: I'm trying. Still trying to figure this out. I'm seeing xenon kits with digital ballast for around $40.00. DC ballast for about $35.00. Cheap halogen bulbs are only 35 watt, and I can't find a 2500K halogen at 55watt. 45 watt is the highest, but "only" $20.75. Am I on the right track? Is there a different brand with the same specs for less money?

Edit II: Just pulled the trigger on the following order:

I figure I'll only use these lights when they're actually needed, so they should last a few years.