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Wanted Replacement for JBL Sub for 94 XLT

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December 30, 2010
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1994 XLT
Hello all, I'm new to the forum. I'm trying to complete my Christmas present to my wife - new speakers for her '94 4 door Explorer. I got the speakers all installed in the four doors, then pulled the back panel apart to remove the factory sub. Whew!! A pain. Now I'm trying to find a replacement sub for the JBL. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Bill

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You should be able to replace that with any sub that you like... just make sure that the Ohms match and you should be good to go

Thanks. Not many 6.5 inch subs around. Found a couple JL Audios in 4 and 8 ohm. Do you know which I should get? THe JBL has no specs on it...

Thanks again.

first off is the speaker blown or is it just cracked? ether way you should beable to find a pace that can repair the sub.
try this that might be a bit easier

Just put an 8 in there you'll probably have to trim a little but I'm sure it'll be worth it

The speaker is blown - the cone is not supported by anything other than the voice coil. We let it rattle for waaayyy tooo long.... I just want to replace it since I have it out already.

i would check what the old one has with a Ohm meter and get as close as you can to that

Will do. Thanks again for your help - You too Flippin'.

I can't imagine it not being 4ohm but check to be sure... I'm guessing u looked on the magnet already?
As for the 8 check eBay and get one for a small enclosure if possible I think u need a depth of 4" or less but I could be wrong, maybe someonelse can chime in? Also, there are rings that mount on the front to extend the depth, forgot what they are called... Give you like 5/8ths extra depth

Done that conversion. If you have a dremel whip it out and start hackin. I stuck a JL audio 8" in mine and it sounds great. 4 ohm is what you need.

Thought so... Do u remember the install depth on the woofer... What model was it?

Btw buck, I'd get a sharpie and a template, then take out the dremel and start hacking lol

I had to hack out the magnet support in the back of the box then to protect it I put one of those speaker grills on. the speaker itself wasnt anything special. I think I paid like 40 bucks for it at the pawn shop. But it handles the whopping 45x1 watts alot better than the stock 6" JBL piece o crap.

:thumbsup: taught me everything i know Joe ;) what was that JL that you used? t5 or something like that i forget what the model is for small enclosures

JL audio made a 6W0 and 8W0 for 6.5" and 8" stock replacement subs, though they can be pricey or difficult to find.

You can also use cheap 6.5" subs, or modify the opening to squeeze an 8" in there.

The 8" is definitely the way to go if you're after better sound, but the 6.5" is drop-in easy if you're just looking for a replacement and plan to use the factory amp still.

hey bill,
just fixed my 6.5" jbl subwoofer a week ago. you say your subwoofer is blown. but could it be that the foam edging around the cone has dry rotted and fallen away from the cone. if this is so all you need is a refoam kit. i ordered mine from parts-express.com for about $33 including shipping. it comes with easy to follow instructions. i like that i am still using original equipment and was able to keep some money in my pocket. oh by the way, that refoam kit was at my front door in less than a week.
hope this helps, craig

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I finally thought about taking a picture of my set up,