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replacement muffler for SOHC


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May 7, 2001
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2002 XLT 2WD
Ok for the time being I'm looking into replacing the muffler with a hi-flow (Dynomax, FlowMaster, etc) BUT I can't find a dual inlet, single outlet.? The SOHC stock exhuast is a strange setup. And NO I don't want to go custome right now, Im just looking for a higher flow muffler with a little throatier sound to it.

I find plenty of dual out ,singlet inlet but can these be flipped around??

I think the stock exhaust tubing is 2.25" which kind of limits the muffler choice.?

Maybe I should get get some sort of Y-adapter and go from the end of the dual cats, to a single inlet/outlet mufler?

any other ideas?


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nope cant be flipped aroumd
get a dual in dual out.....

yeah, you need a dual in, single out. unless youre ready to change the pipes over too, you could very well be between a rock and hard place, unless someone else has an option for ya, but i doubt it. i went thru the whole exhaust deal with my truck a few months ago and didnt find much in the way of changing out the stock muffler and leaving the stock pipes. (by the way, i think the stock pipes are 2", not 2.25")

Flowmaster makes a dual in single out with the 2.25" pipe. Forgot all the other info about it. But i know they make one