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replacement power antennae mast and blown sub


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January 10, 2005
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Lancaster, SC
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'98 EB 4.0 SOHC
My power antennae quit in the up position.

Anyone ever replace just the mast and not the whole assembly?

Also my sub on my Mach audio system has blown aprt.

What aftermarket sub is available as a direct repalcement? I don't want to replace the amp and box, just the blown subwoofer.

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Does your antenna motor still work, can you hear it? If so the the replacement can be easy or a pain the ars. I have had problems with my antenna and I had bought the new mast off ebay. It had come with instructions on how to replace it. very easy.....until I relised that part of the white wire that pulls down the mast was broke off inside the motor. So with that being said I, had to remove the entire assembely to take the motor apart to remove to broken off white wire thingy from the motor. .....still with me..... ok to remove the motor and all wasn't very hard at all.
This is what I did to remove it.
1st.. remover the cover on the top of the fender where the antenna goes down.
2nd. Removed the nut, and pulle out old antenna
3rd. installed the new antenna mast
------relized that is was broke down inside.
4th. removed the outter screws under the fender so that I could flex the inner fender cover. I was able to reach inside and unscrew the entire assembly and pull out throught the fender.
5th reverse process.

I was able to complete this on my lunch break, so it isn't very difficult, just a pain. I had cussed quite a bit, but it worked out for me.

Or you could just remove the entire fender and do it that way.

I hope that this helps you. If you have questions please ask. Good Luck


did you solve your problems yet?
I modified my sub box with a 10" polk, so I have the one I replaced my stock with
it is a 8" pioneer, and I even have the factory amp. Let me know if you need them

jtsmith said:
did you solve your problems yet?
I modified my sub box with a 10" polk, so I have the one I replaced my stock with
it is a 8" pioneer, and I even have the factory amp. Let me know if you need them

I'm more interested in how you put a 10" sub in the factory box. Did you replace the factory sub with the 8" Pioneer then move up to a 10"?

yes, i first had the 8" then modified the box to accept a 10" with some cutting and plastic body filler, it can look ugly because you will cover it up, the factory amp has to be replaced with a better one though, it just isn't enough

What is the size of the factory sub. is it a 6 or 8 inch? Mine is starting to rattle and sound like crap im looing to upgrade with out too much work and to much $$$.

replacement power antenna

My 98 EB power antenna hasn't gone down in 2 years. The motor still runs every time I turn it off however. I have the Mach system with 6cd holder in the consol e. The radio works like new, but the digital display only works infrequently, seems like if we're on a long trip and been in the car for about 3-4 hours it sometimes starts to work again. Been that way for 5 years. (I've had the EB since new). Ford will send it in for repair for $200 minimum charge. Didn't do it.
The reply on this thread got a replacement on Ebay, guess I'll look there.

For my sub, I had purchased a JL Stealth Box, and put in a JL 10" W0, with a sound stream amp. Sounds great, but now I am awaiting the sound deadening mat. If you want to see where I installed my amp, check out my vehicle with the link below. Laterz.