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Replacements For '13 Explorer Sport.

The original Hankook s were fine. but, are no longer made. Did a lot of research for replacements. Every tire dealer had a different idea. Very confusing. Finally decided to go with the Michelin Defender LTX M/S 255/50R20/XL 109H (the original tire size). My Ford dealer in Ayer, MA came up with the best price, but would not give me the 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee that ONLY Town Fair Tire over here in Leominster would (other dealers were also a no). I'm thinking --"I'm going to pay $1,172 for this and if I don't like them--tough bleep?". So, I took the Ford dealer's price thing over to Lois and Rick at Town Fair Tire and they said they would match the price even though they had to drop the charges on some things concerning the installation. So. I scheduled it in to have them put on. Much to my surprise as I had been told that they would give me a free front wheel alignment--when they checked the vehicle, it also needed a 4-wheel alignment--which they threw in for FREE. Can't get no better than free. That really made my day and confirmed that Town Fair Tire was the right choice. Still, I was leery and did about 40 miles around town to scrub the tires in. Then did the highway trip to run up to 80 to check for any shakes, rattles, and rolls. Everything is fine. Tracks straight down the road. Rides smooth. No tire noise at 80 mph or anywhere. When you run over rough spots on a roadway, they feel just a little rougher than the Hankooks. Not bothersome though and may get better as they wear in. Deep tread, which I expect to get me through the snow a touch better--we will see and I will report. Had to stand on the brakes today--no scwalls, just a quick stop. As such, my advice is that on whatever tire you select, check around to get the best price and then hit a shop that will give you credit and a replacement if you are not happy with the tires and will replace them with something else. No, I don't work for Town Fair Tire--however, they did treat me right in my view. Clarence.