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Replacing a 1995 Ford Explorer engine with a 1996 engine


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April 15, 2009
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1995 Ford Explorer
I am trying to replace a 1995 explorer engine with a 1996 explorer engine but ran into a problem when the wiring harness is completely different... The 1995 explorers harness fits on the 1996 engine except for the cam shaft position sensor plug. Will it mess it up if I just rewirer the 1995 wiring harness with the 1996 plug? Does anyone one know why so many things changed from 1995 to 1996?

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If you are referring to the 4.0 V6, your problem might be because you are swapping a 4.0 OHV with a 4.0 SOHC, which was an engine option that became available in 1996, although you could still get the OHV in most trims in that same year.

By the way, there is a thread that covers that, but to spare you from searching, the engines have different management systems, check the following thread, it might answer part of your question:

Ford Explorer Ranger Enthusiasts Serious Explorations > Repair - Tech - Modifications & Detailing Forums > 1995 - 2001 Explorer Ranger Mountaineer > Stock 1995 - 2001 Explorers>New guy with engine swap questions 95 in a 97

Sorry, I usually don´t post links, but you still will not have to search much.

wrong, 97 was the first year of the SOHC

the 95 and 96 4.0L OHV engines are similar, but not the same

You should have used the cam sensor from the 95 engine, in fact you should have used MANY parts from the 95 engine, so it plugs in

I do this ALOT, in this thread I replaced a 95 OHV 4.0L V6 with a 96 OHV 4.0L V6 = SAME AS YOU ARE DOING, and I ran into a similar issue, pictures included:

Sorry, that is correct, I took as reference the year of manufacture (I own one), but the model is 1997. Thanks for the correction