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How to: Replacing A4LD Shift Cable in Explorer


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February 21, 2009
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1991, 1994 Explorer
Replacing A4LD Shift Cable in a 1994 Explorer - What I learned today.

  1. Ignore the Haynes doesn't work for 1991-1994 Explorers
  2. DO NOT Take the steering column apart. All cable parts are outside under the hood and underneath
  3. The column end cable retainer is a piece of plastic in a slot. There is a little plastic pin that holds it in place. Push it down with an awl and pry the plastic part forward with a screwdriver. BTW, this is easier done if you remove the front wheel and the inner fender liner.
  4. The transmission bracket for the cable is different for the 1994 cable. If you plan to scavenge parts, you may need to swap the bracket. I was trying to install a cable from a 1991 Explorer.
  5. If you have to swap the bracket, you have to lower the entire drive train by undoing the transmission crossmember to get to the upper retaining nut.

So, basically, I had to drop the entire drive train to replace the transmission shift cable. They should force Ford engineers to do jobs like this in Purgatory...

I posted this because I could find no help ANYWHERE on the net for swapping the shift cable.

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Welcome to this forum, and thank you for making your first post helpful for everybody! Step by step pictures would help clarify some things.

I'm trying to replace the shift seal on the A4LD tranny, but when I loosened the nut inside the pan, the linkage wont come out. Is there a snapring, or some kind of clip I don't know about to get it out of there? I just rebuilt the 4.0L engine, and replaced the tranny pan gasket. But it also leaks from the shift seal. Thanks.

The pin in the bottom of the case has to be removed. Use 2 flat screwdrivers to grab this pin, and pry it out. Use caution not to damage this pin. I once got a little rough trying to remove this pin, and damaged the case. They make a repair kit for it with a special replacement pin, but it will require machining the case. Use the screwdriver method first, and you should be OK.