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Replacing Bell Housing Bushing. New Torque Converter also?


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November 2, 2009
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91 XLT
My Bell Housing bushing is wore out on my a4ld, so I am replacing the housing with another with a new bushing installed. The place where I got the housing from said if the bushing was bad than the Torque Converter housing is bad also. The TQ doesn’t look that bad. Do I need to replace the converter to ensure proper fit?

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Minor wear could be sanded off with fine sandpaper. Don't reuse it if you see deep scratches that the sandpaper can't remove.

Its smooth to the touch. Is there a mesurement I can take with calipers to know for sure its with-in spec?

It's pretty thick, so I don't think that it could get bent. It's probably OK if it's smooth. You could have the bell housing repaired instead of purchasing a new one.

Bending is not what I am concerned with. It isf that shaft on the TQ is wore to much then it would create excess slop causing the seal not the seal properly. In all my reading about bell housing bushings I have never once see anyone mention replacing the TQ also. I am guess its will be OK. I got the remanufacture bell housing for $45, so it wasn’t that bad to just replace the house with a new clean one.

I disagree with the shop on this. While hat IS a possible, the fact your bellhousing bushing is bad means automatically the TC is bad. That bushing needs to be turned concentric in the bell, and if it is, and the pump is aligned, the PC can only go in ONE way, the right way, concentric to the bushing.So as BB said, is the sealing surface is smooth, it's FINE.

I got the tranny back out yesterday. There was some ever so light marks on the TC shaft. I could see them, but just barely feel the marks by touch. I would assume this will be ok? Keep in mind this is not a daily drive. Just a simple trail truck. It hardly gets any road use and I would be lucky to put 4,000 miles on it before I either roll it or get tired of it. LOL