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Replacing blend door actuator in 2003 Explorer Sport XLT


October 24, 2011
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Phoenix, AZ
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2003 Explorer Sport
My 2003 Explorer Sport XLT has a failed blend door actuator, stuck on full hot. The mechanic I usually use wants to charge clsoe to $1000 because "you have to disassemble the entire dash".

I do not believe this is true and will be talking to some other mechanics. I've seen videos about how to replace the actuator without removing much more than the centr console.

But I can't find such a video specifically for the 2003 Explorer Sport. I strongly suspect that the HVAC plenum layout, and thus the actuator position, matches one of the 2001, 2002, or 2003 regular Explorer. Does anyone know which? Or does anyone know where to find a video for the Explorer Sport?

If it matters (and for some things it does) my Sport was manufactured in January 2003. I think this means it is closest to the 2001 regular Explorer. I'm hoping someone KNOWS.