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Replacing front bulbs with Blue LEDs.. Need info

Hey guys, long time no post...

Anyways, I am currently replacing all of the front bulbs with Blue LEDs. However, I need some input as to what the bulb styles are that are up front. I know there are two pairs of 3157 style bulbs, but then there's the little corner bulbs. I thought they might be 194 style, but they are a bit larger than 194 style bulbs. Anybody know anything about what style they are?? This is for a 1995 Ford Explorer XLT by the way. Also, if anybody knows a reputable place to buy Blue LEDs, please do let me know. Currently I am going to be purchasing them from Ebay, unless someone has a site that I should look into.

Let me know guys, can't wait to hear from ya

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You know the LED's wont be nearly as bright as your stock bulbs etc right?

The other LEDs that I have in the rear are MUCH brighter than the regular style bulbs that I had before (3157 style). But that's really not my concern. The reason I want the Blue LEDs is because the color (unlike the tinted glass or painted glass bulbs) does not burn off or fade.

Let me know guys...

try this guy - F&Q on leds:

Dead Link Removed

sells all kinds of leds online

I think the bright ones and UVs can be expensive

Let us know how you make out.....I have been looking around about leds too

Doesnt radio shack sell LED's? Or are those not good quality.

i highly doubt any radio shack LED will be bright enough for a vehicle application

I have been trying to up the learning curve on leds. What I have read Radio Shack doesn't have the good ones. seems to come up quite often

Check out those two sites

the UV one seems very cool too
Instead of replacing existing dash may want to look into just accent lights

I was just looking to make a bright trouble flash light for hard to reach places...all you need is to match a resistor to the power voltage.

Most are unhappy with LEDs unless you buy the ones that are $40 a piece. They just don't light the housing up enough because they only point one direction, while the more expensive ones point in different directions.

Depending where you put them, you can "cluster" them too.
ie Bunch 3-4 together making one beam..but I think Hartmen is right.
I haven't seen any leds with the punch you may be looking.

You know, the turn signals look best (when on) with good old fashioned amber bulbs. I think I'll look into getting some of those titanium bulbs too. That way they are not orange when off, but are orange when on. Were they as bright as the factory bulbs?


you asked for info, you will ATTRACT the police!

most places white-esp blue indicator bulbs are illegal!

you can probably get away with 'standard' watt 3157,194's, but they flash pretty bright.

i wouldn't [ i didn't] waste money on these, when the others will work more cost effectively and you can have them today.

i have standard clear/white in my '02.

just my opinion


Here's a website that you might be concerned if you're interested in LED's

I hope it interests you very much. but I've learned that LEDs are not that good, unless you want the 50 a pop per bulb, but I wouldn't recomend it.

By the way, why do you want them blue? You're risking a ticket.

good luck avoiding the other type of LED's the RED AND BLUE COMBO!!!!!

I agree.... good thought but leds might be better..say... in some interior application? maybe not replacing the dash lights but as accent lights?
..without looking too "hocko"
I'm thinking about some kind of arrangement in and around my center console - it always so dark..I can never find "my stuff"