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replacing heads, found some worn out parts


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September 7, 2009
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San Diego
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1994 Explorer xlt
i took my rocker arm assembly off and noticed that the rocker arms themselves on the last cylinder are worn. on the last pair there is a very small wear spot where it sits on the pushrod. i now expect that the other side will be the same.

rocker arms arent expensive, but i know its a slippery slope. many people seem to do the rocker arms, pushrods, and lifters all at once.

my question is how detrimental would it be to replace just the worn parts instead of spending another 700 on lifters and brand new equipment?

the cost doesnt really bother me, as i love my car and realize the benefit, but i just want to get everything back together and working as fast as possible.

maximum performance isnt my goal, just reliability.


Just order sealed power rockers and pushrods from rock need to replace lifters if they aren't you need to pull the heads to replace don't use cork gaskets..

I went ahead and ordered s.p. pushrods and rocker arms. I got my heads loaded from titan engines off ebay. It came with a complete gasket set too. The valve cover gaskets from titan look like hard plastic or rubber with soft rubber corners. The heads look good. I'm also replacing the water pump, radiator, heater core, heater hoses, fan and fan clutch.

I haven't found anything on here a b out titan brand heads but there are over 50 reviews on their ebay store. Clearwater heads by comparison have terrible reviews and it seems like their website has been taken down. I know some people here have them but i think they've suffered recently I terms of quality.