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Replacing intake Gasket


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January 23, 2000
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Hey Guys--Flyguy, etc; I have and oil leak at the rear of the intake that needs to be repaired. In the manual it stated that the Valve covers need to be removed inorder to remove the lower intake. I hate the idea of braking the V/C gaskets when they're still good and in the pictures it looks like there is room to remove the intake without touching the valve covers. Has anyone replaced the intake gaskets and can it be done without removing the valve covers?

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The valve cover gaskets must be removed to get the lower intake off. Take a look at a manual to see. The top rail of the valve cover mounting surface IS the lower intake.

Get the ford gaskets for the intake and VCs they are much much better than the parts store stuff, and in my book worth the extra $$.

Have Fun.

replaced mine

I've done mine, and had to take the valve covers off too, i bought some gaskets from Auto Zone and they are still working good this has been about 8 months ago or more. it wasnt hard at al to do that it will take about 5-6 hours maybe.

The valve cover gaskets on mine where a beast to get off. I had to use a wooden board and a hammer to break the silicon bead from the factory gasket. I dunno if they make a rubber valve cover gasket, but if they do u should try and get ur hands on a couple of those because covering the cork gaskets with silicon is a pain. Other then that taking off the valve covers is easy. Replacing the intake gasket is easy. Going the next step and replacing the headgaskets is a real pain cause of the 100+ ft/lbs of torque on those beasts, but thankfully u dont have to worry about that. Also watch the injectors and keep them clean. All in all taking off the valve covers and replacing them only adds maybe 45min to the whole procedure if u could just take the intake out without taking the valve covers off.


yup yup... go with the new ford gaskets or felpro. And do some cleanin while your there


Thanks for the input!

I guess I'll do it over a weekend. Do you think it's a good idea to R&R the Fuel pressure regulator and injector gaskets at the same time? The 4.oL has 104K and I might-as-well do it while it's a part. Is there anything else to do while it's apart? You know-maybe a Camm, 3 angle valve job, Port n Polish? ARH! ARH! OH YEH!

You can check the Fuel Pres. Reg. with a vacum pump, but i dunno what u would do to clean it. Besides the intake gasket you can just visually look for any damamge and clean the intake with some carb cleaner. Thats pretty much all i did just clean and look for broken parts. Maybe someone with more engine building experiance might have some tips. Oh yeah u can clean the Idle Air Control Valve and I'd replace the pcv valve. Maybe have a look at the spark plugs and wires. Thats all i can think of right now.


new "O" rings

well you could buy some new "O" rings for the injectors wich are pretty cheap. that carb and intake cleaner works reall well but i add a pressure wash on mine to get it real good. do let it dry though . (of course)