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replacing map lights


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January 28, 2014
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1994 Ford Explorer
Hey all, i have a 1994 ford explorer sport and im working on replacing all my bulbs that are out and i have ran into a problem, i cant seem to change the map lights without pulling the chrome reflector piece, but i cant seem to find out how exactly it comes off, can anyone help me with this? im just trying not to break it because i dont feel like running to the junk yard today since it's gloomy here in cali right now. thanks.

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ok so i got the lights but now im trying to figure out how exactly the back one is replaced, no screws or anything so do i have to take off the head liner?

Can you take a picture of what you're dealing with?
And I moved this to the stock first gen section, I think you'll get more help there.

thanks, and yes i can here in a few.

Pry on the short sides. The entire assembly is a snap fit into the headliner. Factory manual shows the end to pry on is the passenger side, but I just tried mine and it was flipped around at one time. Use a little force, it'll come out. I can't believe the collection of bugs that somehow made it in to mine... amazing.

ok awesome thank you now i just have to find a good set of 211-2 led bulbs lol