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Replacing my factory unit


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December 5, 2005
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94 Limited
Replacing my factory unit, questions please

OK folks, going to tell my age here , the last in dash I put in was a "Road Rated in dash cassette" unit back in the early 80s. But back to my question, I want to replace my factory 94 Limited (with the bose sound system) AM/FM Cassette deck. I am quite pleased with the OEM sound. If I buy any Deck that will fit and use the "Ford" plug accessory that you buy seperate should just plug and play.......Right ??

I know I will have to wire the accesory "Ford Plug" to my new decks wiring harness and thats no big deal...I have a soldering station and lots of heat shrink tubing. This will be using the low power outputs from the new stereo deck right ??? so the rated power doesnt matter since I have the Bose system in my 94 Limited Explorer....Right ??

Dwight P

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you need 2 harnesses i think. and im guessing you need to wire your accessory to the harness because you don't have constant power to your head unit (ie the car has to be on to use the radio?)

if not... im confused :(

Stero Question

Is there anything like a top 10 decks list or a consumer reports on which in dash units are more desirable than others and why ??

Dwight P

If you ordered it from somewhere like crutchfield they send everything you need in a kit to install it