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Replacing Power Mirror


January 31, 2013
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Costa Rica
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1991 EB Explorer
My 2002 explorer XLS decided to pick a fight with a pedestrian. Although it lost a mirror, I feel it won the battle. I purchased this mirror and need some assistance with the wiring to install it. The mirror comes with 5 wires connected to the harness. On the top row of 4 pins, left to right, it goes orange, black, yellow, purple. On the bottom row of 4 pins, it only has 1 pin (second from the left) to which a brown cable is connected. The replacement mirror comes with a puddle light, which utilizes the black and brown wires. I'm not concerned about connecting it (but if I can, great). The explorer has 4 wires coming out of the hole where the mirror used to be and they are yellow, yellow stripe, green and purple. Can anyone provide guidance on how to wire the mirror? Kool Vue has no assistance. Basically it looks like there are 3 wires that control the mirror, but 4 coming out of the explorer. Thanks