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Replacing Ranger Cab


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September 1, 2002
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ok guys, i rolled my truck, and i miss it. i need to replace the cab, as the roof is caved in, and the whole thing is shifted. I have already confirmed that the frame is streight, so basically im wondering how hard it is to replace the cab.

my truck is:

97 4.0 auto reg cab with A/C

donor truck is :

96 4cyl 5 speed reg cab without A/C

i have done:

motor swaps
body lifts
pulled trannies

and a lot of other stuff that isnt applicable to my situation. anyone ever done a cab swap before?

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I've HAD it done, twice, to my truck! Neither time did they swap the whole cab. They just grafted on the top and back. That way the dash and everything didn't have to be messed with. I paid $1400 for the second time.
Do you have a pic of your damage?


i definitely have to replace the entire cab, as the body mounts are all tweaked a little bit. the cab no longer sits level with the bed, and the seats are pushed up a little bit. the cab is completely screwed, but the frame is still streight (or close enough for me). a buddy of mine had a new roof put on his 95 ranger after falling ice destroyed his roof, and it cost him somewhere in the 1600 dollar range.

Replace the whole cab if you want, but I don't think you need to. My roll was more violent than yours, with the roof pushed down much more. My body mounts were tweaked, and still are to slight degree. I replaced the crushed bushings and bent bolts on the two worst mounts, which helped alot.

well, i need doors, fenders, and a roof, definitely. hood is questionable, and body mounts are tweaked, so i figured i might aswell replace the whole cab. the donor truck is only a couple hundred bucks (around 500). The donor truck needs a passenger door, drivers fender, motor, tranny, clutch, etc... so it is wicked cheap

there is the thread explaining the accident