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Replacing rear sway bar end link bushings


August 30, 2008
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99 "Eddie B" V8 AWD
I'm doing some repairs and upgrades to my 99 V8 AWD Explorer.

I just installed new front UCAs, LBJs, shocks, rotors, pads, spark plugs, rear rotors, pads, shocks, etc... Along with upgrading the front sway bar with the poly end link kit from Energy Suspension, I replaced my rear sway bar with a Hellwig 7648 which came with poly mount bushings but without new end links.

The stock end links are a bit worn so I ordered new ones from Rockauto (Moog K80139) along with a poly bushing kit for them (Moog K80085). The only problem is that it looks like it will be quite difficult to remove the stock bushings. I don't own a press.

Any suggestions on how to remove the stock ones? Do you think the difference between the stock bushing and the poly bushings will be significant enough to justify the work to replace them? Thanks!





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I've seen some very strange methods used to remove old bushings like that. I've even seen folks burn them out with a torch. (don't do that...stinks up the place like you can't believe) I would say since you don't have a way of pressing them out, take them to some place that does, or do it yourself by taking a drill and drilling around the rubber bushing in several places. Drill as close together as you can all the way around. I've seen that trick used successfully several times. But honestly, if it were me, I think I would run them as is. I can about promise you that you won't notice any difference between the two.

Thanks for the reply. Not certain yet or not if I will go stock or try to replace them since I already have the poly bushings.

The ball joint press should be enough to get them out

Personally I'd use the stock one... It's an Explorer, not a race car. I'd be surprised if you could even tell the difference.


Rear sway bar bushing end links

Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I didn't want to start a new one. I just replaced the rear sway bar bushings with the Energy Suspension poly ones. To remove the end link bushings I used a 1-1/4 socket and a 3" c-clamp as a press. Worked like a charm. Best $20 I spent.

What part #'s did you use?

I looked at the Energy Suspension product catalog and they don't list rear sway bar components... I was wondering which part #'s you used?

The part # is ES45153G. Kit includes end link bushings and axle mount bushings.

Who did you buy them from?

I priced Jegs tonight and they wanted 37.99 for the front and they don't list the rears...Energy Suspension claims 4 wheel parts carries them but i can't get on their site...

Thanks for the information...

Try explorer express- one of the site vendors. I paid $18.99 + tax (Canadian) through a local shop.