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Replacing Shocks, PLEASE HELP!!


May 21, 1999
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i am about to replace the stock shocks in my "95 XLT. The stock one have become so bad I can feel when I run over a pebble. Anyways, I have almost chosen to go with the Rancho RS9000. I want an excellent city ride and handling but also need the ability to go off-road when needed. Has anyone installed these on a '95+ Explorer? 91-94 owner's responses are welcome as well. I know everyone says the Edelbrock IAS's are great but I don't really want to pay that much for shocks. So please don't post your great opinion of the Eddy's unless you have replaced your Rancho's w/ the Eddy's. Thanks for the help!

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I have a '91 EB with Rancho 9000s and a Rancho lift. They have been fantastic and if you can afford the extra money, go for the in cab control, other than that, it has been great for city driving and off-road. It has been on for about 3.5 years now and I have had no problems whatsoever with them. Strongly recommend them!

I remember a few months back that Rancho has an offer on the 9000s, buy three get one free, you may want to ask around to see if the offer is still good.

OK Jodan, your turn. You're always raggin' on people about their posts. This guy knows about the Eddy's. He is asking about Rancho shocks. Pay attention!! I've riden in a '93 Ranger extended cab 4X4 that had the 9000's. The difference between hard and soft was amazing. You can dial up what ever ride you're in the mood for.I also think the remote adjust kit would be a good idea.

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I heard the Edielbrock IAS shocks are *****in! My FORD friend told me the completely eliminate the side to side sway that the current explorers have. Its getting annoying to me already and I might get the soon.


got the rs5000's last ngiht on and wow, they are awesome. i cant tell you the difference in the ride. i know that the rs9000 in position 3 are the same as the rs5000. good luck, make sure that you get the correct shocks. they gave me the wrong ones the first time.