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replacing side curtain airbags? 02 limited.....


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July 16, 2007
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charleston WV
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2003 explorer EB v8
i currently own a 03 eddie bauer explorer its the v8 with plenty of the good options, it was a wrecked vehicle that i repaired with only some body panels, no airbag deployment on it, its got 132,000 miles currently, and to make a long story short, i want to replace it with a 02 explorer limited thats at my local salvage auction.

the thing is, the 02 limited only has 88k miles, it has the backup sensors and larger hitch that my explorer does not have, it may have other options but i havent got to look at the 02 in person yet.

the problem with the 02 is:
side curtain airbag deployment, it doesnt appear to have any damage, atleast not by looking at pictures of the vehicle, i think that "maybe" a door has a small dent in it, but i cant find any other damage to the vehicle other than the side curtain deployment.

ive priced the airbags at $50 each side, and i can only see front side curtain airbags on the vehicle, i cant tell if it has rear side curtains or not, either way id like to know where the sensor location is on the 02-05 explorers, that way i can start figuring out how much im willing to pay for the vehicle.

my 03 model i have $4700 in the vehicle, that included purchase price and repairs, id like to keep my cost's about the same on the 02 with over 40,000 less miles on it, my 03 had 123,000 on it when i got it.