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How to: Replacing the 110V Power Inverter


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March 6, 2016
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This guide details removal and replacement of the 110V 150W power inverter. The latest part revision is GB5Z-19G317-F and appears significantly changed from the original 2016 inverter. The inverter is located in the lower right passenger side behind the glove box.

Step 1) Disconnect the battery
Step 2) Remove the glovebox (there are tutorials on YouTube for this) - this isn't required but will help in locating and accessing the inverter
Step 3) Remove the 3 bolts for the bottom access panel(circled in red) - DO NOT remove the airbag bolts.
If you have ambient lighting, there is a connector in the top of this panel that you will need to disconnect.

Step 4) Locate the mounting bracket for the inverter and remove the 3 bolts(circled in red.) Move the carpet back to remove the bottom bolt. Disconnect the power connecter. This is the hardest part and it helps to move the passenger seat back so you have more room to work.

Step 5) Reverse the removal procedure to install the new inverter.

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