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Replacing the AC compressor in my 2002 Explorer with a 4.6 questions


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October 28, 2008
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Arvoinia, VA
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2002 Explorer XLT, 4.6L
Hi Gang,

My Ac compressor locked up after 200K miles so I'm looking at replacing it this weekend. I have a new compressor, drier, orifice tube, and all new seals. My first question is, I know I need to add AC oil to my compressor, how much do I add? My second question, where on God's green earth is the silly orifice tube located in the system? I've looked in the high pressure lines and cannot find it anywhere.

First, you need to locate your orifice tube which I believe on the 4.6 is located toward the passenger side firewall ac line connection.

If there’s particles covering it, then you want to replace your condenser as well.

Your issue is going to be how much oil to add, if you aren’t flushing the system and reusing the condenser and evaporator.

Normally you’ll add oil to the compressor, condenser and drier. This helps to distribute it. You’ll need to contact the compressor manufacturer to see if the oil already added needs drained or can remain.

You should do the hoses as well. At this point.

For a warranty you typically need the condenser and proof the system was flushed.

Do you have rear AC? Vents in the ceiling in the back?

Ford manual states:

Drill a hole in the bottom of the drier and measure how much oil came out. Add 1oz to the measurement taking and pour the total into the drier.

Drain the old compressor of oil and measure how much oil drained out. Add the exact same amount into the new compressor.

My truck does not have AC in the rear.