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replacing the egr


August 19, 2008
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the check engine light is on and the scanner says the egr sensor need to be replaced .

my mechanics say not to touch it since it is not really a problem. He even said that it helps keeping the motor warmer and fuel consumption lower. I dont drive much so the isn't allot of pollution.

What do you think - should I leave it as it is or to replace it? And if you recommend on leaving it as it is - the check engine still on , so I can't tell if there is another "real problem" ( only if i will check it every few weeks and its uncomfortable )

Thank you for your time

for your convinient i'm adding the parts need to be replaced|Model:Explorer&hash=item5d5504b392&vxp=mtr|Model:Explorer&hash=item4d13d80470&vxp=mtr

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Wow. Your mechanic is a winner-:eek:

You need to fix that. Any time the check engine light is displayed you are using excessive fuel. Repair will pay for itself

Which engine do you have, and what was the exact code number?

neither of those parts are a sensor, nor are they the common cause of an egr code.

hi turdle . thank you for your quike reply

i have 4.0l engine

i don't know the code. maybe i hadn't mentiond the right term -i pictured the parts he asked me to buy but i cant find the way to put attached them in this massage nor in the private one. can you send me your mail?

all the best

I assume you need a "DPFE" sensor. This, and the small rubber hoses going to it are a common issue. It looks like this-center of picture.


See the 2 rubber hoses going down from it? Take a look at yours to see if they are splitting, and also remove the DPFE unit to see if it is melted.

Some are made of metal, but they look similar.

this dpfe does not suit my engine (1996 4.0l) we checked in ebay and found that the part that is shown in the link is theright dpfe. if i had known how to add a puc i couls show you my dpfe

so , i understand that this is the part need to be replaced ( put asside the structure differences) ?

what do you mean by melted? if it did - it need to be replaced any way , right?

From what you are saying it sounds like your EGR system does not have a DPFE (which is a pressure sensor), and uses a position sensor instead. Earlier Explorer engines were like that, but I am not sure about the year. Also, if your vehicle was sold outside of the US, the configuration might have been different, even for a year that used DPFE in the US.
Is there a sensor on top of the EGR valve, with an electrical connector?

In any case, I am with Turdle on the need to fix the problem. When the computer recognizes an EGR system failure, it will operate the engine in a less efficient way.

this dpfe does not suit my engine (1996 4.0l) we checked in ebay and found that the part that is shown in the link is theright dpfe.

The only explorer I know of to use a position sensor is 96 v8 which have an internal egr passage system.

All others use a DPFE, unless they are 93 down which have no egr at all.

[MENTION=88311]idanabuhav[/MENTION] I would like to see a picture of the driver (left) side of your engine.

On a side note, EGR systems seem to be disappearing these days. With variable valve timing, they can simply manage the amount of exhaust remaining in the cylinder without resorting to any additional plumbing. I saw it in a 2011 3.5L V6 Kia engine, but it's probably quite common.

how do i add a pic of my engine?

can't find the way to attach or to paste a the pics Turdle asked me to show him

can't find the way to attach or to paste a the pics Turdle asked me to show him

First you need to upload the picture to a picture hosting website like photobucket or imgur.

Copy the URL for your hosted picture.

When you reply to a post you'll see a number of icons at the top of the text box, the image one is square, yellow and looks like a picture of 2 mountains and the sun.
Click on that icon and paste in the picture URL.

Click OK.

Picture is now submitted.

And "keeping the engine warmer" isn't necessarily a good thing. The ECM is calibrated such that the engine runs at optimal temperature with EGR functioning properly. I remember when my DPFE melted and I had hot exhaust gas blowing around the engine. Actually drove about 150 highway miles like that, and was getting about 16 mpg all the while sounding like an old farm tractor. Definitely get that fixed.

While you're at it, squirt some throttle body cleaner down the openings in the EGR tube where the DPFE hoses go to. That tube can be a HUGE pain to service; if your mechanic meant don't touch THAT unless you absolutely have to I'd tend to agree.