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Replacing the valve body gasket for my transmission


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March 30, 2014
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Manville, NJ
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1999 Ford explorer xlt
This weekend I'm planning on replacing the gaskets for the valve body, because I have been experiencing an rpm flare going from 2nd to 3rd gear. About 2 months ago i dropped the pan on my transmission and changed the filter and gasket hoping this would get ride of my problem...but it's still there, so I read on here about the gasket being the culprit. Just wanted to know if there's anything specific I should be doing or looking for while I have the valve body out. I was planning on taking lots of pics of the valve body with the back off so I could post on here. And when I had the pan off last time there was very little on the magnet. And the rpm flare was around 200 Rpms when it first started now it can e up to 500 Rpms that's why I want to change it now before I have a big transmission problem...thanks in advance for any pointers

Oh yeah I have a torque wrench in each size friggin harbor freight had em on sale for 10 bucks each and I already ordered the gaskets...but just in case tell me more about these plates, where can I get them...just in case...would you happen to know what the torque spec is for the valve body bolts? I saw it somewhere can't remember off the top of my head