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replacing timing chain???...Costs???


August 30, 2007
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02 XLS
What is the reccommneded time to replace the timing chain in a '02 Explorer 4.0 motor? Costs inc. mechanics labor? I read at another forum that the timing chain does not need to be replaced until you hear the chain slapping.
Whatever that sounds like!!!

Thx, 02XLS.....:us: :salute:

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WOW!!!!!....3 days and no replies yet.....C'mon fellas

I've been told by the dealer that is like $1400 because they have too take everything off the top on the engine, which is a lot of labor!!! I'm suprised that there isn't more posts on this subject also??????

A timing chain isn't like a timing belt...You don't have to replace it on a scheduled interval. You replace it when it starts to make noise (or, gulp, fails). The earlier 4.0 SOHC had some timing chain issues but they've been more or less resolved in the later models. Since the chain is tensioned by oil pressure, it's common to hear a little chain rattle when you first start the engine, but mine has been doing this off and on since I've owned it, and it never has given me a lick of trouble. Interestingly, since I've stopped using Motorcraft oil filters, the chain rattle on a cold start has all but vanished. I find it kind of ironic that in my owner's manual, it cautions that if an aftermarket brand of oil filter is used, that more start-up rattle may be experienced. That was the one thing that reduced it on mine! I've been using Baldwin filters for some time now, and they've been great.

As cheap as these engines are used in the salvage yard, I'm not worried...If I cannonball it tomorrow, I can get a replacement engine with 16,000 miles on it for $750.

Your kidding me 750 for 16000 mile engine, that means i can drive this thing forever!!!!! LOL

Just paid 750 for a 4.0 with 35k. 3 days to remove the old one 1 day to put in the new one. The one I took out had 180k it had very bad to no maintenance and spun a bearing, no one to blame but me as I have owned it since 14mi LOL.

So new motor, springs/struts, rear end, wheel bearings (second set), now I just need a new transmission :D and I should be good. That is until the transfer case and/or the front diff goes out. :burnout:

See the beauty of owning a vehicle that's considered "dime a dozen"? There's parts everywhere for them! Try finding a motor/trans/differential for a similar import brand SUV and see how much you pay for them. Based on the laws of supply and demand, they should be cheaper than the domestics since they claim to be so uber-reliable, but price an engine for an Toyota 4Runner sometime and see what you get.

I look at it this way...I can replace every major component in my Explorer and still have less money invested in it than if I were to have bought a 4Runner, Pilot, etc.

4.0 sohc timing chains

better off replacing engine both chains is abt 21 hrs and engine really needs to completely come out. The chain guides and tensioners front n back need replacement. You do not wanna flatback this job royal pain> Anyone know a good economy rebuilder out in the midwest for the 4.0 sohc engines. I need an engine!!!!!

I thought I had the same problem.

At 2500rpms give or take I had something that sounded like a spark knock but it was different. Which is what the TSB for the timing chains says will happen.

My valve cover gaskets where leaking so I pulled the plentum noticed I had an air leak on 2 of the cly. on the drivers side. I replaced the lower pentum gaskets and while I was there I changed the knock senor and the fuel injector o-rings.

With the valve covers removed I could see the timing chains going to the over head cams and they where tight.

My engine is quieter than it was when I got it with 45,000 miles. It has `139,000 miles now with NO more spak knock type noise at 2500rpms.

Shipping and all it was about $70 with the knock sensor being half the cost.