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Replacing Timing Chains, Guides, Tensioners on FORD 2001 EXPLORER SPORT


November 13, 2015
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2001 Ford Explorer Sport
I finally finished the project last night of replacing all the timing chains, guides, and tensioners on my 2001 explorer sport, 4.0l sohc, 4wd.
Tried starting it and it just made this deep noise while it did crank and spun, but no start...
Anyone, any ideas of where I should check first?
Or what should I do as my first step of process of elimination of things, or some common steps forgotten, etc...?

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SOHC V6 Camshaft Timing

Review the timing procedure starting with post 4 of the following thread to see if you notice anything you overlooked: SOHC V6 Camshaft Timing

Did you use the OTC-6488 timing tool kit?

Check the compression of at least one cylinder in each bank to confirm correct timing.

A common mistake is incorrect spark plug wiring:

Check wiring for cylinders 5 & 6.

firing order is correct

I WILL CHECK THE COMPRESSION and see what that comes up too, the firing order is correct I double checked it.
No I did not use the OTC tools I used instructions from this post:
and a post similar to this one using an allen wrench to align the cams.

THERE is no compression in any cylinder, does that mean timing is off or something else?

no compression

Assuming your compression tester is good, no compression for all cylinders in both banks is definitely not a good sign.

Why did you replace the timing chain related components? Did the engine just stop running while you were driving? What was broken, if anything?

the timing guides were broken

I bought this car in this condition, the previous owner told me that the timing chain had ripped when they were driving with her husband about 20 mph, so I bought it from her and it looked like someone had begun the job as some of the parts in the front were already taken off, the woman told me her husband did start to work on it but had passed away, so she put it up for sale, and I bought it.
All three guides were broken the rh, lh and the little one on the bottom in the front.

also I had checked the spark is good , so coil pack is good and the crankshaft position sensor is good too...
I tried spraying some starter fluid to see maybe the fuel is not getting in, but I sprayed for less than a second into the intake throttle body where it opens, will that reach the cylinders fine? because it didn't start and I wasn't sure if I should spray through the spark plug hole or through the throttle body andhow much.?

needs compression

Are the camshafts rotating when the starter cranks the engine?

Often if the engine stops due to timing chain failure when the vehicle is cruising the pistons strike the valves damaging them.

The engine will not start or run without compression. You need to check for valve damage.

thank you

Hey 2000StreetRod,
I have been reading few other threads where you have commented and seems like you are very knowledgeable, I have fixed the compression problem as there was a gap in the head so therefore lost compression, fixed that compression is at around 120/130, timing is set at 8 degrees advanced per ALLDATA it should be 10, and also on the harmonic balancer it has two lines one line at 0 degrees and the second line at 10 degrees so I was shooting for the second degree but after connecting my laptop to the truck via dlc obdII, it showed it was set at 8 degrees close enough i think?...
Could you and others please look at where I'm at so far I posted this thread since that's what I'm facing right now... Sorry for not replying sooner as I was tackling the no compression, amongst other things...
Thank you!!!!!!!
Here is the link to the other thread:

Because your compression is only at 120-130psi I'd say your CAM timing is a fair ways out. Computer type gadgets will only pick up ignition timing. Not CAM timing. Also because your exhaust is glowing red I'd say your valves are opening way too early letting combustion straight into the exhaust.

Also if the chain was completely broken chances are some of the valves were bent.