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Report from So Cal Run

Ray Hutchinson

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January 20, 2000
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Just returned from the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation near Warner Springs for the So Cal Run. Fun Time!!! :D

We only four Ford cars: Mac (the organizer) Fenderguy, RangerX, and Ray (Packrat). MAC brought along about 10 friends, members of the "Skid Plate Offroad Team" (SPORT) for short. These guys actually drove J**ps and stuff, but were a fun group anyway. RangerX invited his friend Ray with his built Rover Defender 90. (We decided he could play since Ford now owns Rover). :)

Also attending were 2 Serious Explorerations regulars whose cars aren't currently quite trail ready: Jay Shimek and Paul Bredehoft. Jay co-piloted for RangerX, and Paul navigated for me.

Saturday we ran trails such as Rough Road, Dangerous Road, J**p Sgueeze, Bronco Hill, Hotdog Hill, Marshmello Hill, Choke Cherry Valley, Lady Bug Lane, and Others. Sunday Morning we did some slightly more challenging stuff up in the area known as Never-Never Land, such as: Wasp Nest, Ball Bearing Hill, Toothpic Canyon, Turning Rock.

We Camped Saturday night in the Campground by tank 3.

For all of you who attended, I had a great time and thanks, for those of you who missed it: you really missed it and better luck next time!

See you in CO!

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O.K. First I must admit, I was disapointed that I didn't have my own Explorer out there to play with. I am glad I made the trip out there though. It was nice to see old friends, and meet more. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again. Until than...

What no photos.....they better be here soon.


I really did want to go to this one but my truck still isn't what I would concerder trail worthy. It will be in no time flat though.

Until then....bye

I'm glad you guys had fun!! Bill, id your Ranger fixed already?

I actually got out there today (not Los Coyotes), I went to Wildomar in the Cleveland National Forest. I went to test my new lift and front shaft. I went with a friend in her stock Exterra. (no she does not back up into Explorers!!)

I wanted to make it to Los Coyotes, but I had plenty to do on Saturday in town. Perhaps next time!!

I missed my second opportunity to go to Los Coyotes. What do you guys think of another small get together sometime before Truckhaven 2000 in January. Maybe October or November???

Sounds like a great idea!!

Los Coyotes is so close and so fun, I'll go anytime! Maybe by November, we'll have gotten a little rain to keep down the blinding clouds of dust!!

Juan, the truck has been fixed and running since early June. This was my first time offroad since Moab, though. I was more than a little nervous on EVERY off camber spot!

Dang. I knew I'd miss some fun stuff. :banghead: :fire:

Pic's of the damage done to my truck that kept me from going are at

Note - there's more damage than you can see in these pics. The ash tray portion of the inside dash was shattered.

As for Mac - did he do anything hard? Come on Mac, it's a lifted truck! :D

yikes Tom, this is the first I've heard of your Explorer being broken into. You'd figure all those times rolling and you were lucky enough to never break a window or anything on the inside, then bam some ass comes along, breaks a windows, cuts up the inside for something he'll probably sell for a small portion of its value.

Another trip....I'M IN :bounce:

I'm guessing that my lift will be on by then, but with all the fun that everbody is talking about having....I might just take my stocker on out there.

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Had a good time.

To everyone that was there, it was a fun time. I didn't quite make it up a few things that i would've liked to but it was fun anyway. My friend Ryan rode with Bill's friend Ray in the Defender 90. He had never been on serious climbs and decents. He had a great time so thanks Rover Ray. Paul B. made the night life great with a tv/vcr combo from his camper. We watched an old video of him and an organized group on the Rubicon. It got me all amped up for the trip at the end of this month. I was the same way as Bill on ALL of the off-camber stuff even though I haven't rolled my truck (yet). I had a little bit of a scare on Saturday. I'm not really sure if I was close to going over, but from inside it sure felt like it. Everyone tied a strap around the front of my truck while I sat in it ready for take off for about 20 minutes, attempting Bronco Hill.
It was cool to see everyone that was there and we will definitely have to plan some trip(s) before Truck Haven!
Well, until the next trip...

Collin, the strap was there for your own peace of mind. I took video of the whole thing and not once did I see a tire lift more than six inches.
Tom, as for you:hammer:, yes I did some hard stuff. I am getting more confident in what I can do. Saturday I spent most of the day with the explorer group and did everything they did. Mostly easy to high side of middle technical. The most memorable was Hot Dog Hill. Going up was rutted and soft w/ a slight off camper turn to the right at the top. Coming down the back side was a lot like Handlebar Hill at Clear Creak, but ad a couple of rocky ledges to step off of. On Sunday, I went with the Skidplate Offroad Team. We took a trail called Apian(sp) way which led us into a rock filled river bed. This was a moderately difficult trail in the technical areas. There were several times that the truck was an inch away from door and rocker panel chewing rocks. I even left some paint off my front bumper on one tree and a large rock. That trail led to an obstacle called the Z-turn. Lots of inching and backing and a little off camber but very difficult.
:confused:The thing that was realy strange and confused me to no end was the MONSTER GEO. This was a Geo Tracker, STOCK:fire:, that went through that same trail. Granted, the female driver, Anne Marie, didn't care about body damage, got hung up several times, but never did she have to be strapped. Mostly one person over a particular wheel for ballast and off she went again getting every bit of use out of the skid plates under her little car.