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Reprogramming Remote Keyless Entry

It would probably be more worth my while to have a new remote entry put in

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Positive Vibes, Metallic2001,

It's easy to reprogram your X's. First make sure you have the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) sending unit. Open the jack storage compartment on the driver's side of the cargo area. Look into the compartment and up and toward the front your truck. If you see a silver metal box, you're in luck! Now look for the "programming connector" (two quick-connect receptacle type connectors encased in a black or grey plastic case about the size of the tip of one your fingers). It will be hiding with the tail light connectors on the left of the windshield washer fluid reservoir with nothing connected to it. Turn your ignition to ON or accessories and stick a open, V-shaped paper clip into the metal connectors to momentarily short them together. You will see (and hear) your locks cycle. Now just press a button on your key fob (the signal is recorded or "programmed") Good Luck! ;)

Did all the limited's come with a keyless remote entry? I have a 94' and there is a anti-theft light on the dash

Chris94LTD: Thanks for the info. The dealer ship couldn't even tell me. They kept saying they need to get to the EEC or something to reprogram it for $75. Thanks again.

Where to jumper?

I have looked at the connectors, one each grey and black both have multi pins - I can here these click when locking and unlocking doors. I tried a paper clip into open holes from the grey to the black connector (where there are no wires but there are pins) but it did not work.

Door code?

K...i'm rebuilding a wrecked '97 Explorer Sport 4.0 SOHC and I can't figure out where they hide the code for the keyless entry on the drivers door (the least of my problems, trust me!). Is it behind some fuse or something? My mom's Taurus has the code on the inside of her trunk. Anyone know? Thanks in advance!!~Mike

Not sure for a '97 but the '94 has it in the jack compartment.

'93 XLT with aftermarket keyless entry

I just ordered two keyless entry remotes from The programming directions I received do not work. I suspect they are for a factory installed system. I had my system installed at the dealership when I bought my explorer.

Based on an earlier posting in this forum it looks like I have an aftermarket. My locks lock when I turn the key on. The original remote has two buttons marked 'A' and 'D' for arm and disarm.

The new remotes have three buttons marked 'ARM', 'DISARM/TRUNK', and 'PANIC'. Any chance someone knows how to program these aftermarket systems.

The original brochure and instructions I have advertise this as the Ford Remote Plus Vehicle Security System. Sure looks like it is made by Ford.

Instructions I got said to 1) turn ignition to on 2) hold override button under dash or led on dash; 3) in 20 seconds system will cycle door locks and siren 3 times [this did not happen].

Did you try a search. I started a thread about this and it had some helpful info. How much did you pay for the keyless entry?

'93 XLT with aftermarket keyless entry

I found documentation provided when I purchased my Explorer in November, '92. It is a 'Ford Remote Plus Vehicle Security and Keyless Entry System' installed by the dealer. I have a copy of a fancy Ford brochure, operating instructions, and a Ford Operation Reference Card. None talk about reprogramming.

All I have is a box just above the parking brake with the FCC ID number on the outside of it.

I tried turning the ignition switch from off to on 5 times, 6 times, 8 times, and 10 times. Each time the locks did not lock. I did this based on information from this thread.

I have not gone to the dealer yet and have not gone back to I know what the responses will be but that is my next step.

I am sure I am working with an aftermarket even though I have some impressive Ford documents on it.

I'll let you know what happens.

'93 XLT with aftermarket keyless entry was not much help. 'Be sure you followed our directions' was their response.

I stopped by my local dealership. Turns out since one original remote was malfunctioning I got a replacement for free. Warranteed for life of ownership. Now I am glad this is a Ford Vehicle Security System.

After trying a few scenarios they finally did this to program the remotes:
1) Closed door
2) Ignition to RUN position; do not start engine
3) Internal lights turned ON/OFF 3 times
4) Ignition to OFF position; do not remove keys
NOTICE: Locks/siren cycle 3 times
5) Push a button on a remote; locks/siren cycle once
6) Repeat step 5 for each remote


The two remotes I got from were not the correct ones so they would not take the programming.

Case Closed!

2001 Sport Keypad

Will these procedures work for my 01 X Sport?

I think there was a new door put on my truck...with a keypad. How can I find the code for this door? and how can I reset the code? Should this have come with a remote to unlock the door? Right now all I have is the key. I'm not sure if the truck came with a keypad door or not and I don't know the previous owner.


Open your jack compartment and look at the decal on the module toward the front of the compartment. The large numbers toward the right side of the decal should be your code. Mine was a five digit code.

keyless entry

great info found on this subject. My problem is my fob quit opening the doors so I put in a new battery. Now the doors only unlock with it every once in awhile and only if I'm in the ex. It will work with the panic button more though. I did have the new battery tested and they said it was fine. I have keyless entry too. Its a 96 ex. xlt. Do you think the fob is bad or it needs reprogramming? Also about how much is a new fob?

Thanks for the help!!!!

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1995 keyless entry (in door) computer module location

I lost the code for my keyless entry in the door for my 1995 explorer. My manual says that the default code is on the computer module, but I can't find it. Does anyone know where it is located and what i should be looking for?

It is located in the jack compartment up near the back seat, printed on the module. You'll probably need a flashlight to see it.

Tried the procedure on my '97 just now. The unlock/lock thing happens when I turn the key 5 times, ending in run, but I press a button and nothing happens. The batteries have been replaced; could I just need to buy a new remote?

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Remote Entry Still Has Issue - Maybe the Fob?

I've got a '94 Limited (4x4) too. Evidently, those models came with the remote system factory installed - mine is - even thought the actual manufacture date is October '93. I really like my LTD !!

My remote just suddenly stopped this week. Changed the batteries but that
didn't do anything. Thanks to Chris94LTD, I found the connector at the
left rear tail light and the jumped the system into programming mode.
However, the fob didn't activate the locks as expected. It seems that it
may have gone bad. Is there any other way to test it out?