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Reset check engine light


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October 16, 2013
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2010 Ford Explorer
Hi, Does anyone know how to reset a check engine light on a 2010 Ford Explorer? I've tried disconnecting the negative battery cable, as well as an exorcism.:roll: Thanks! Dale

Did you fix what was causing it ?

If not, it'll just come back right away.

AutoZone can read it and reset it for free.

If you fixed the issue, it may go away on its own.

If you disconnect the battery, you need to also turn on your lights and press the horn. This will drain the residual voltage in the system holding the code. Remember if you disconnect the the battery, EVERYTHING gets reset, thus you'll have to retrain the transmission, and various other functions.

I used to pull the 3 fuses under the hood that referred to the PCM. I had to do this after misfires due to old plugs. It used to misfire at WOT. If there is something chronically wrong, the CEL will come on again pretty quickly. I'd leave them out overnight.