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Reset oil change display

Ok I found the DSO on the white sticker. What should it say? The Ford dealer put in my vin and it said the cluster is wrong. Supposed to be the two line display with a select switch on the cluster. I will check for wires behind the center stack. I appreciated the concern. Thank you.


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So the Explorer was First bought from Chicago.....I have a pic of 2007 Standard instrument cluster, I thought 07 it was black? So my 2 cents is if ford dealer put in your vin and said Standard instrument cluster id look for that cluster. Buying the 3 buttons is pointless? You can look for a connection harness. If you have to reprogram pats system? because cluster is Different that thats up you.
Or you can just leave it they way it is.....

Would like to see a pic of your 92 Mustang PM me. Ill PM my Mustangs!!!

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The Eddie Bauer had white faced gauges. That's what mine is.. The xlt was black.

I am probably going to leave the gauges for now. I actually like the way the white face gauges look. So the DSO is the destination after it leaves the factory? I’m glad somebody knows the codes. We did a vin check on it and everything came up good except in the odometer readings. I think it may have had some type of “fender bender” at one point and not reported. First obviously the dash has been changed we know that. But from February to May 2016 it only covered two miles. Back in November of 13 to January of 14 it’s 2000 miles exactly at least from what the vin check says. Each of the 5 readings were IN, IL, IN, IN, KY. It was the reading between Indiana and Kentucky that was the 2 miles. So it’s gone about 36,000 miles since that last reading on the report. I know I’m rambling sorry.

It only lets me put pictures on this way. I’m on an I Phone and won’t let me upload files in a PM. So my Stang is a 1992 2.3 coupe. It’s an automatic. I had replaced the steering “rag joint”. Not doing a wheelie. It’s a work in progress. Many people say “drop a V8 in it”. Nope.