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Resetting computer with ignition switch


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August 22, 2002
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'93 XLT
So I've been trying to diagnose the flashing 4x4 lights on my girlfriend's '96...

The question: is turning the ignition key on and off 5 times the same for resetting the computer as disconnecting the battery for awhile?

When I did that the door locks all made a kerchunk noise at the same time, so I assume something happened.

This did not solve the 4x4 problem, and I am going to get the speed sensors checked, but I am curious about the reset procedure.

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dude take the - side off the battery. turn the lights on just to make sure theres no more juice left in the system, then wait about 10 min. Put the battery cable back on and call it a day.

The 4X4 lights flash in a certain pattern, to coincide with the certain fault in the system. There is threads here on what they mean while flashing.

The only surefire way to reset the computer is to disconnect the batttery, and open the doors for a while.

Ive heard of the key thing, I think some Chevy reset with 3 times on and off, not sure if we can do it or not, but the battery cable works for sure. Good luck

Chances are the flashing lights are a bad sensor somewhere. Last time my 97' X did that it was the Tranny range sensor. No biggie, nice easy fix.

You can reset the computer by unhooking the battery, but then the PCM must relearn all the operating specs of the engine. Or, you can use a code reader/scanner to clear the codes. The code reader/scanner method is preferred. If you don't have a code reader go to AutoZone and ask them to pull the codes for you and then after the problem is fixed have them clear them.

Good Luck!

Greenex , the kurchung like you say it`s because you entered the programming mode other word to programm a remote control for your alarm system...

Yeah, I was just about to say that the ignition 5 times thing is for remote programming, not for resetting the computer.

And, you will probably find that your girlfriend's remotes no longer work. If they don't, turn the key on and off 5 times again leaving the key on the 5th time. Press a button on all of her remotes then turn the key off. I'm not certain if merely going into the programming mode will deactivate the remotes, but I do know that once you've reprogrammed one, you need to do them all since they will loose their programming.

You're right about the remote. There's a post somewhere in here that I read that claims that the 5 key turns resets the computer. So much for that.

Thanks for the advice on resetting the remote. It was going to be difficult to explain to her how I "fixed" her Ex.