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Resistance needed to disable inflatable seat belt


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August 30, 2021
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2015 Explorer Limited
I’ve been going over the forum and reading through all the answers regarding second row bench seat swaps, but I couldn’t find an answer to working around the inflatable seat belts. I have a 2015 Explorer Limited Edition- it came with second row bucket seats. I needed to swap for a bench seat, and I found a bench that matches color and style wise. Unfortunately, my Explorer has the inflatable seat belts, the new seat does not. Not a huge deal as far as buckling goes- I’m putting a car seat in and will use the it’s clips to secure it. However, I need to trick the system into thinking the seat belt inflator is connected to keep the rest of the vehicles airbags from being disabled. From my research, it seems the easiest solution is to make a dummy plug. Which brings me to my question- does anyone know how much resistance I need to make the system think the inflatable seat belt system is still connected? Thanks for the help!

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an interesting question that I don't have an answer to.:dunno:
Perhaps another member does.


The second row safety belt inflators are 1.44 - 3.52 ohms according to the manual.

If you have the old airbag module still, you should be able to measure its resistance, though the most common value people report seems to be 2.2 ohms, which is also one of the most common resistor values (made) in this range.

I have no input on the resistor, but I don't think the full system disables if just one component is inoperable.