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Resonator Removal on Sport

Ok, so I finally removed the secondary cat (basically hollow piece of pipe with a screen inside) and resonator and replaced with an x-pipe. There's definitely a subtly sound increase. There's no drone with the x-pipe installed and the start up sounds a lot nicer than before, Obviously, if you are looking for a significant increase in sound I recommend changing the mufflers which will be my second project. The overall total cost for this project was less than $100. I'm pretty satisfied with my experiment and I would recommend this if you are looking for a little bump in your exhaust sound. Definitely worth more than spending $1000 or more on a full cat-back exhaust. The x-pipe was bought on Amazon and the 2.25" pipe and clamps from JEGS. The only reason I used clamps is to easily put back the stock piece of pipe. Let me know if you questions. Sorry I didn't load pics, I didn't pay for that feature.

Do you have a video of your vehicle with the x-pipe in with the stock mufflers?