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Retaining Steering Wheel Controls on Aftermarket Head Unit in 04 EB w DVD


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January 26, 2010
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04 Eddie Bauer Explorer
I have an 04 EB with the rear DVD player that I never use. Additionally, the rear DVD mysteriously stopped working recently. I'd like to replace the 6 disc changer with an android style unit with bluetooth and also keep the steering wheel control functionality. I no longer care about the rear DVD, so what would I need to be looking at to get a new head unit and keep my steering wheel controls over the head unit? I assume it's going to be a double din unit with some kind of add on that allows the steering wheel to continue to control it, but I wanted to check here first to see if anyone has done this recently.

As senior said, go to Crutchfield. All your questions can be addressed on their website. RES adapters are available for 2004 model year. SWC interface also available, but can be finicky I assure you. I can't remember the brand I use, but if you get one and it comes with an optional capacitor, solder it in during the original installation. For a touch screen, the color of your upholstery will matter, hopefully you don't have the light colored leather. In daylight it adversely affects the visibility.